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Revolutionizing Pet Care with Technology

At Petionship, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge digital solutions for the pet care industry. Our AI and Big Data-powered products are transforming pet businesses by streamlining processes and improving the customer experience.

Our Journey So Far


Petionship was founded in Hong Kong


Expanded from Hong Kong to Macau


Received our 1st seed funding and expanded to Singapore, Taiwan and Australia


Recognized by regional accelerators and incubators and clinched 200+ recurring happy pet shop clients


Petionship is a leading provider of digital solutions for the pet care industry. Our products include Petionship Pet Supplies Wholesale Platform, Petionship Plus Pet Business Management System, and PetGPT Generative AI solutions. Our team is dedicated to helping pet businesses succeed by providing innovative technology solutions that improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

At Petionship, we believe that technology can revolutionize the pet care industry. Our team of experts is committed to developing and improving our products to better serve the needs of pet businesses and pet owners. We are passionate about using technology to enhance the lives of pets and their owners.


By the Numbers


Digital products and growing


Pet Business Clients


Countries or Regions


Prospective Pet Shop Leads

Ready to Revolutionize Your Pet Business?

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